Isolated + Metabolic Weight Training

Daily sessions are broken down by muscle groups; by the end of a 5-day week, the entire body has been thoroughly treated and trained for muscular strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Customized Nutrition Plans- RJ is NASM Nutrition Certified and creates diets for each individual client tailored to their specific needs and body type after measurements and benchmark tests have been taken.

Competition Training

For those looking to be competition-ready (swimsuit, physique, body building) preparing for competition with RJ guarantees the proper training and nutrition plan you will need. Pair this with his personal competition experience and knowledge of the field and you are guaranteed to be successful.

Sport-Specific Training

Performance enhancement specialist through NASM– athletes from any sport receive specific training curriculum based on the sport they compete in (soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, etc). Gain an edge over the competition with private sessions or train as a team in the off-season!

Physical Rehabilitation

Exercises, stretches and treatment to recover from injury, surgery, and other physical setbacks. Return to your former state of activity, whether it be day-to-day living or high-level competition.