Protein Supplements (Determine the Right Product for You)

People fear that adding protein supplements to their diet will either bulk them up or cause them to gain fat if they’re not consuming it properly. Here’s a few debunked myths about protein, and tips when you’re deciding which type of protein supplement is right for you.




#1- Protein supplements are just a placebo

Numerous scientific studies and peer-review journals have been published over the years, establishing that protein supplements do in fact allow for increases in lean muscle mass and strength. The main reason people doubt protein supplements’ ability to encourage and aid muscle fortification is lack of understanding or follow-through in their training regime and consumption of protein products. Read labels, consume the right dosages at the suggested times on the product, and be sure to make your training sessions count. This combination yields results; no way to cheat your body chemistry!


#2- Protein will make me bloated and bulky

False! Protein is only as useful as you make it. If you’re not actively using it, your body may break down excess protein into molecular substrates. These end up going through glycolysis just like carbohydrates (aka converting into fat). So, protein won’t make you chunky and bloated if you use the energy it provides. Otherwise, not using it will send the gains straight away from the muscles and into more undesirable areas.


#3- Too much protein is hard on the kidneys

Not true. As long as you’re mindful to stay hydrated, consuming ample amounts of water daily, digesting protein will not harm your kidneys. You’d be wise to keep a large gallon-sized bottle on you at all times, particularly if you’re exercising regularly. Remember, your body is comprised of 75% water by design- keep replenished!


-Read the label carefully, look for phrases linking to the specific goal you hope to achieve physically

-Different strains of protein encourage different types of progress; there are formulas designed to help build muscle mass, while others assist lean muscle and slender/lighter blends are reduced calorie

-Women should seek products which work naturally with their body chemistry, like estrogen. Pea protein tends to react more strongly with estrogen, for instance.

-Follow the dosage recommendation as prescribed by your chosen product. Some batches call for 1 scoop, others can be multiple; accuracy is key!





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