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November 22, 2017
Down and Out
December 19, 2017

Go for the gold and lift like an Olympian!

Here are a few tips from Underground Muscle to get you started.

First introduced in the late 1800s, Olympic lifting had a reputation for being the purest measure of strength and was one of the few categories of competition in the Olympic Games. Today, it’s used to improve an athlete’s speed, explosion and mobility—and hard-bodied athletes are still vying for the coveted gold medal.
Most people can lift weights like the pros—and safely. It’s always wise to seek advice from experienced trainers and clear any exercise routine with your doctor. But here are a few tips to help with form during your workouts:

Keep your back straight. Never curve or curl your back at any point during the lift. Doing so will stress your spine and disengage your core—lessening your effectiveness, power and control.
Push down through your heels. This engages your leg muscles and glutes, which is where power counts most. Hinge through the hips and allow the momentum of your movement to assist the lift. Never lift with your back.
Keep your feet flat. Avoid hopping or rocking off balance. Tip: Wearing flat shoes can help ground your stance.
Don’t hold your breath. Exhaling sharply will help keep your body in harmony when lifting.
Build up weights gradually. Don’t try to max out on your first attempt. Warm up with lighter weights, and build your way up to higher levels. Remember: Always have a buddy nearby to spot you.


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