Personal and Group Trainer In Burlington NC

2018 Award for Best Group Training and Personal Trainer in Burlington NC

Thank you Burlington NC for choosing Underground Muscle, LLC personal training studio! Our goal is to offer quality, safe and productive group training, and personal training services to our local Burlington community.

2018 Award for Best Group Training and Personal Trainer in Burlington NC

Welcome to Underground Muscle, LLC personal training studio in Burlington, NC. Our goal at Underground Muscle, LLC is to empower you to achieve your personal fitness goals. Our programs utilize a variety of traditional strength and functional training methods to help you develop strength, gain coordination, stimulate weight loss and increase muscle gains, cardiovascular conditioning and confidence and well being. All ages and fitness levels are welcome- whether you are training for the first time or launching into competition.

We offer dynamic personal training that is educational, productive and most importantly safe. We incorporate resistance training, balance training, cardio workouts, plyometrics, core training, functional fitness and flexibility.

RJ Totten, Owner Of Underground Muscle, LLC

Personal Training Starts With You

Client Testimonials

If you are looking for that extra piece of motivation to get you to your goals or someone to hold you accountable - RJ is your guy! He will perform the exercises with you when he notices your stamina is lacking and will always tell you to listen to your body. He is all about your overall health, not just producing numbers. Invest in yourself and give him a visit.

I’ve been working out at Underground Muscle for 3 months and have seen amazing results! RJ is a fantastic trainer! He’s professional, knowledgeable and simply wonderful to work with! I highly recommend Underground Muscle!

Complete package. Strength, nutrition, health and well being is what you get from Underground muscle. Trainer is accommodating to individual schedules and motivating on a personal level. Highly recommend.

RJ is great! If you want a trainer who motivates and teaches you, Underground Muscle is the place to go. RJ was willing to work around my schedule. When I injured my ankle last year, he didn’t let me skip a beat in our workouts. Instead, he taught me how to work out safely while my ankle healed. If you’re looking for a trainer who gets to know your needs and who will tailor workouts to challenge you, give Underground Muscle a call.

Personal Trainer In Burlington NC


Small Group Personal Training

Underground Muscle's "Small Group Personal Training sessions" are considered Simi-personal training because the sessions have an attendance ratio limit of 3 to 6 clients to ONE coach. Our talented and award winning trainer RJ Totten, customizes each session to each individual to meet and exceed your individual goals and needs. Our small group fitness training in Burlington NC aims to satisfy all your fitness needs efficiently. 

The small group setting adds an element of camaraderie to the workouts. It will help motivate you to challenge yourself harder than you would on your own. Our classes are for all trainees, at any stage, however, if working in a group intimidates you, or if you are new to strength training, I recommend you begin with Private Personal Training, to introduce you to the proper training methods.


What To Expect On Your First Visit


During your first appointment, there will be a short interview gathering the basic information required in order to develop a proper program for your desired goals


After the interview, we will administer a quick fitness test. A short push, pull and squat assessment will be timed.


Nutritional advice will be given and a fitness program will be developed. We will then give you an estimated time to reach your fitness goals.


Last, I will welcome you to the Underground Muscle, LLC team and schedule follow up sessions.